HYMN "Breach Us" quotes and impressions

Whisperin and hollering
"...Heavy, slow-grinding metal that churns murky riffery that’s so suffocatingly dense it makes you want to spew is still very much a thing. Hymn’s latest (burnt) offering, ‘Breach Us’ is a scorched sinewy mass of doomy abrasion..."

No Clean Singing:
Still, while the qualia of the album may be subjective, its quality certainly isn’t, as this is undoubtedly one of the best Sludge albums… heck, one of the best albums, period… of the year.

"I’ll bottom-line it for you: Speaking as someone currently listening to this record, you should be looking forward to it."

Doomed & Stoned:
"Huge fan of HYMN, who have crafted a sound as powerful and driven as a Black Cobra or Gojira, as cold and crunchy as a snow cone at below freezing temperatures. It's no wonder the Norwegian duo has been described as simultaneously "gargantuan and meditative."

Burnt Coffee Reviews: Overall score : A!
"Hymn are an impressive duo, and I fully expect Breach Us to be one of my highest ranked doom albums come year-end!"

Wonderbox Metal:
"The songs consist of thick sludgy riffs, the sort that feel visceral and grimy, like a dense oil or tar has been poured over everything". 

GC Live:
Hymn manages to pull it off though, with masterful manipulation of dynamics and interesting song structures.

"The drumming is thunderous and when Ole’s vocals then add to the attack, it makes something wonderful. His vocal style is unusual in its directness."

Metal Injection:
"HYMN's New Song "Exit Through Fire" is Sludgy Grime Forever"