How to travel to Fysisk Fest!

We're excited to hear that many of our followers make plans to travel to Fysisk Fest!

This year's festival will mark Fysisk Format's 10 year anniversary and the line-up is our strongest yet, with special appearences like Haust playing their 2008-classic Ride the Relapse and the first Kollwitz gig in a very long time. Full info on the program here The festival takes place at a venue called Blitz in downtown Oslo: Blitz is within walking distance from Oslo Central Station and Fysisk HQ Tiger Records. The best way to travel to Norway from abroad is by train Oslo Central Station. If you travel by air, the nearest airports are Gardemoen, Moss Rygge and Torp Sandefjord. You can also travel by bus from Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. More info on travel here BUY TICKETS HERE Facebook event ABOUT BLITZ Blitz is an autonomous community house with one of Oslo's best concert venues. Blitz also house a vegan/vegetarian cafe, rehearsal spaces for bands, a feminist radio station and lots more. Since 1982, Blitz has been meeting point for political activism like AFA, animal liberation and feminism as well as a place for great music, with bands like Life But How To Live It, So Much Hate, Svart Framtid and so on connected to the scene. We're honored to work with the great people at Blitz!