Heave Blood & Die - "Post People" quotes and impressions

"Heave Blood & Die’s Post People is a genre-hopping headf**k, in the best possible way"
- Metal Hammer UK (3,5/5)

"Post People is a mesmerising album from start to finish. Over the course of its eight tracks, they bring to mind some of the very best names from across a frankly staggering spectrum of alternative music."
- Distorded Sound Magazine (9/10)

"(They) have developed their sound from Doom to Postrock. Less impact, more structure. But still very hypnotic and dark."
- OX Magazine (8/10 and # 3 in "Sound check")

"The album is more like a bouquet of colorful melodies ..."
- Eclipsed mag

"Post People is not only a beautiful album, it also keeps the promise of its predecessor, which was not entirely stylish."
- Vision (9/12)

"It’s this unique blend and immediate sense of identity that make Heave Blood & Die a very exciting prospect for the future."
- Invicta Magazine (8/10)

"Each track has its own character that needs to be explored and understood"
- Burn Your Ears (7/10) (In German)

"The music is pleasantly unpretentious. “Post People” is not overloaded and does not make the mistake of exhausting the ideas used. With this, They have not only created a very entertaining half an hour of music, but have also taken an important step forward."
- Metal.de (7/10) (In German)

"This is a grave listen, reckoning with Earth’s existence after humanity, but there’s always hope for a better tomorrow here. That sense of better possibilities permeates the album and only adds another dose of humanity to Post People. This is a special record for a band ready to break out."
- New Noise Magazine (3,5/5)

"Creatively and technically flawlessly, the band could blossom into a permanent fixture of the new progressive wave. In any case, I hope that this album will finally bring Heave Blood & Die out of the underground."
- Soundmagnet.eu (7,5/10)

"The new apocalypse sounds more colorful and broken in a completely different way." Post People "is based on the dark punk grandees of the 80s, increases the noise factor and never completely detaches itself from the past."
- Demomic Nights

"80s Joy Division wave sound. Not that cold and of course very contemporary with a wide variety of influences. It's best to listen to it yourself, I like it a lot"
- Pandies Corner

"Now much more versatile and stylistically more open."
- Darkstar

"The mix fits, and Heave Blood & Die has succeeded in creating a fascinating piece of music that circumnavigates genre boundaries and yet skillfully finds its destination."
- Whiskey Soda

"Post People lives from its atmosphere and the idiosyncratic interpretation of it."
- Time for metal

"... full of energy and variety."
- Terrorverlag

“Heave Blood & Die leaves the listeners behind with a brutal alternative soundtrack to the rainbow circuit from Mario Kart 64”
- Neølyd (In german)

"Heave Blood & Die do it right: Collect ingredients everywhere to cook your own distinctive soup."
- Minuten Musik (In german)