Haust: No Christmas Video!

Haust and Fysisk Format wishes you all a merry christmas with this joyful little video by The Filmjunkies:

The song is taken from HAUST's side of the Black Hole Xmas split 7" with Okkultokrati that came out on green vinyl on Fysisk Format last year (It's still available!) HAUST is one of the formative bands of the Norwegian Black Hole Crew (Okkultokrati, Dark Times etc) and their 2008 debut Ride the Relapse was the first album to come out on Fysisk Format. Since then, the band has released a follow up album "Powers of Horror" and a split with Next Life. Haust has been through a crisis recently, but after some line-up changes they're back and have started recording their third album, due on Fysisk Format in 2013. Singer Vebjørn reveals some details about the album: "It will be more Rudimentary Peni and Black Flag, less Dark Throne. Its recorded live so it will be more organic and raw. It will feature six punk hits, two instrumentals and one powerballad." The movie is made by The Filmjunikies, who has made a solid name for their youtube-reviews of classic and obscure horror movies. "No Christmas" is a meeting between filthiest traditions in horror movies and the norwegian social realism of Wam & Vennerø.