Great reviews for Årabrot - The Gospel

Selected praise for The Gospel!

"Stunning" -Terrorizer 9/10 "The Gospel is one hell of an album." -The Line of Best Fit 9/10 "There’s a clear thread that holds an Årabrot record together: the fact that, ultimately, all the influences that feed into their psyche result in albums that don’t quite sound like anything else. This is something that has always been true of Årabrot, but never before has it been quite so true." -Drowned in Sound 9/10 "Årabrot have always been both weird and heavy, with the ratio varying from album to album. On The Gospel, they're at their weirdest and best" -The Wire (UK) "Arabrot's new record The Gospel is, hands down and scream it unto the very heavens, one of the finest releases of 2016." -The Quietus "Nernes' enigmatic personality dominates, reminiscent of rock's classic frontmen, his spiteful croon weaving tales of sex and war" -Metal Hammer 8/10 (UK) "Artistically ambitious but no less menaching" -Uncut 7/10 "Another Masterpiece" -The Sleeping Shaman "Arabrot have never been a band to take an expected route, but this album is like a revelation." -Ninehertz "The Gospel is a great listen" -Soundscape Magazine 8/10 LTD VINYL AND CD AVAILABLE FROM TIGERNET