NAG quotes and impressions

NAG's self titled debut is heading off to a great start, with first impressions coming in, this beast is ready for release on Fysisk Format September 2nd!

NAG released their S/T debut on Fysisk Format 02/09/2016 Here are some excerpts from the press: "Punk-fueled nostalgia that is more than capable of finding a firm foothold in today’s aggressive music scene." - Metalsucks "General mosh-friendliness is the name of the day, even if it’s framed with artiness and despair." -Invisible Oranges "I love the way this band is creating what the fuck they want, on their own fucking terms." -Cvlt Nation "Raw yet strangely addictive primitive aggression." -Music & Riots "If you don't check out this album, you will regret it for the rest of your life" -Musikk fra Norge "Familiar reading, but primitive and exciting" (5/6) " NAG channel the spirit of all things metal in their newest spawn of recordings to bring musicianship back into the forefront of heavy music." -Cvlt Nation "Nag is an intense record from an up an coming band from Norway, the home of black metal, and is definitely a worthy addition to any serious fan’s collection." -MetalBlast (4/5) "NAG delivers perfect punk poetry" -Aftenposten (5/6) (7/19) - Get the album here Read more about NAG here