Golden Core release "Hrafnaspá"

We are excited to present Golden Core's newest single off of their sophomore album "Fimbultýr".

They had a chat about the single with (In Norwegian) and the upcoming album. Read here.

Hrafnaspá (Ravens divination)
Odin’s bird is the Raven. The sacred bird has many names, such as blood bird, flesh driller, time bill and war dweller. Huginn and Muninn (the "thought" and the "memory") are the warrior god Odin's two ravens. Every morning at dawn they fly around the world. At the end of the day, they sit on Odin's shoulders and whisper in his ear what they have seen and heard from the world of humans and gods, from war and death. That is why Odin is called the Raven God. In the distance, we hear the black ravens screaming for joy in the old Yggdrasil tree. They announce the death of a warrior. They scream as the men die on the battlefield, where the ravens feed on the warrior's blood.

FIMBULTÝR is the second album from icelandic-norwegian norse-doom duo Golden Core. Hailing from the Oslo-suburb of Ammerud, the band consists of Simen Jakobsen Harstad (15) on guitars and amplifiers and Johannes Thor Sandal (17) on vocals and drums. The album is produced by Blood Command's Yngve Andersen and mixed by Kurt Ballou from Converge.

Band photo by: Silje Storm Drabitius
Album cover by: Hrafnsunna Ross