Frøkedal's new single "Takedown" out now

We could crush the barriers and free the body in ecstasy and reconciliation. If we only dared to dance.

Frøkedal, full of barriers herself, says:

"What I remember most vividly from recording Takedown is the fits of laughter that Elisabeth and Ingeleiv went through as they were singing. Olav Christer had made them umbrella drinks for the occasion, and it seemed almost to good a fit with the line: “oh we’re gonna have some fun”. The studio diary does not mention this. It does, however, describe the time consuming operation when Erlend, Bård and I divided chords, pitchbend and chorus echo between us to create a, in our eyes, perfectly imperfect synth line.”

Most of all we talked about dancing, pastel colors, dance bands, contemporary dance and circus. Therefore, it is natural to give the floor to the choreographer in the band, Ingeleiv Berstad. She offers the following advice:

"You can step into Takedown alone, with someone you care about – or with someone you think you will end up caring about. The song doesn’t want anything but whirling your body into memories of all the dances you have danced, think you have danced or wish you had danced. "

Takedown credits

Frøkedal - vocals, guitars, bass
Olav Christer Rossebø - mandola, cümbüş
Ingeleiv Berstad - guiro, vocals
Erlend Ringseth - yamaha reface cp, prophet
Elisabeth Mørland Nesset - drums, vocals, percussion

Written & produced by Frøkedal
Co-produced by Bård Ingebrigtsen
Recorded & mixed in Amper Tone by Bård Ingebrigtsen
Mastered by George Tanderø

Cover photo by Kjersti Moe
Cover design by Erlend Ringseth


How come everybody’s
so amused by categories
let it go let it slide
keep on bending
and exaggerating
aiming for the divine
take a look around

There’s a world of poetry
surrounding us
it’s time to leave
the merry-go-round
a rebellion
soft and elegant
when, if not now
break the system down

Come on everyone
leave your fears at the door
skip and pirouette
into the great unknown
we’ll keep spinning
for a new beginning
don’t you want to try
losing your mind

I let myself go
I followed rhythms
of my own
until I almost passed out
woke up on the floor
wanting nothing more
than one more chance
to get up and dance

Here’s to all the groovers
the achievers late bloomers
let it go let it slide
we’ll keep spinning
for a new beginning
aiming for the divine
break the system down

You’re losing your mind
whatever it was
it’s gone baby gone
you’re losing your mind
and don’t you feel fine
Losing your mind