Duvel release new single Visions

Oslo's new Post Punk rising stars Duvel has released their fourth single!

Stream "Visions" here: Spotify Bandcamp iTunes Tidal Vocalist/gitarist Jack has this to say about the single: "When you have marinated long enough in the drug you prefer, it can appear that you are exactly where you want to be in life. So, when you suddenly wake up from this slumber, it can come as quite a shock that the people around you are not the type of people you wish to see yourself with. When you suddenly get a clear view of how they treat each other, how they talk about each other, you can see right through them, what they are planning for each other. At this moment, an enormous feeling of loneliness can come over you. And not just loneliness, but anger and aggression. I guess that is what “Visions” is about. Not knowing who to unleash those feelings on." Recorded and mixed by Bjørn Larsen at Blitz Artwork by My Monsen Braseth