Duvel release new single Strange!

Oslo's new Post Punk rising stars Duvel has released the first single from their upcoming debut album! Strange is a spine-chilling jam!

Idioteq.com premiered the track, and had this to say about "Strange": “Strange” shows a well-written jam encapsulating all your favorite parts of fuzzy, shoegazin’ post punk, and fuse them into a one hell of a track. Stream "Strange" here: Spotify Bandcamp iTunes Tidal   Duvel are the alpha-dandys of the Oslo underground. They may be young, but they know a thing or two about the outer fringes of normality. Which is probably why their personal take on post-punk sounds so raw and ghostly. Their spine-chilling debut single Strange is recorded and mixed at Oslo autonomous youth community house, Blitz by Bjørn Larsen. Artwork photo by My Monsan Braseth.