Duvel - Human (Single) out now

Heroic underdog rock'n'roll - FFO: Echo & the Bunnymen, Savages, Fontaines D.C. Photo by Emil Vestre

Since the release of their 2018 debut "Attempts at Speech" they have included keys into the mix. This giving them an added layer of energy and drive, as well as dragging their music more towards 90's britpop. Today they release the third and final single from their sophomore album 2021, "Human". Vocalist Jack Holldorff elaborates on the single:

"Human exists in a space between ecstasy and ruin. The narrator is laughing, while watching everything falling apart around them. And, you can dance to it a.

Written in 2018 it's the oldest song on the record, and it fucking nailed it. It's a serious song, but it's also a very fun song. It is a battle hymn to go with the human experience. The realization that everything is absolutely and utterly ridiculous. But, we can laugh about it"