The Good The Bad And The Zugly release new single, Corporate Rock!

"What is rock? It used to be dumb, it used to be juvenile, adolescent, magnificent. It used to be prophetic, megalomanic, beer soaked and party insistent, naive and fantastically apathetic. These days GBZ have found themselves caught in the web of the never-resting entrepreneur, the soldier of Corporate Rock working around the clock to secure profits and maximize utility. What used to be a way of avoiding employment in favor of hard drinking has turned into a monstrous working machine where steady cash flow, insurance claims, copyright lawsuits and meeting agendas have come to color the tableau of day to day band life. People say that rock is dead. Its not. Business just took its place instead."

The new album "Algorithm & Blues" will be out January 17th and can be pre-ordered on the following formats:

As usual, the artwork is made by Flu Hartberg!