Cockroach Clan covers Cock Sparrer's "We're Coming Back"

Cockroach Clan followed up their praised first album in 22 years with their cover of Billy Bragg's A New England a few weeks ago. Here's another favorite from the band, recorded live by Hugo Alvarstein at Krøsset, Oslo, Sep. 21. 2019.

Here's singer Billy Cockroach's view of the song:
-This gem from Cock Sparrer is one of the most brilliant punk anthems I know. It narrows down the whole punk attitude to its essential core. It keeps a promise about always returning to your sisters and brothers in arms to give the best of yourself. Simply said - it’s about the power of unity!AND it’s a perfect song to have a pint and do a drunken sing-a-long to. An appropriate song to end our gigs indeed!

And since we’re perfectly OK with artists sharing their interpretations of other artists’ songs, we incorporated this one to our own set. The song is rooted so deep in my heart and mind that I feel honoured to do it - although it’s quite impossible to surpass the very original. That’s not my intent anyhow. It’s just that the song is so fucking brilliant that I simply cannot ignore it. So this one’s for you, sisters and brothers!

Billy Cockroach: lead vocals
Akke Knoff Glomstad: guitars and background vocals
Cato Holmen: drums and background vocals
Simen Jeistad: guitars and background vocals
Morten Mormone: bass guitar and background vocals
Songwriters: Colin Mcfaull/Steve Burgess/Mickey Beaufoy/Steve Bruce (Cock Sparrer)