Blood Command's Cult Drugs album: Preorder and Details!

Here's preorder links and album info on the album that will DESTROY rock once and for all!

The album is out April 28th!

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The artwork is designed by Trine+Kim. Check out the first single here: Tracklist:
  1. Ctrl + Art + Delete
  2. Cult Drugs
  3. Quitters Don´t Smoke
  4. Nervous Laughter
  5. Gang Signs
  6. You Can’t Sit With Us
  7. The Secret Impresses No One
  8. White Skin // Tanned Teeth
  9. Initiation Tape #1
  10. (The World Covered In) Purple Shrouds
Album credits: All music by Yngve Andersen All lyrics by Yngve Andersen and Blood Command Recorded at Bergen Lydstudio in bits and pieces 2015-2016 by Dag Erik Nygaard Produced by Yngve Andersen Mix and master by Dag Erik Nygaard Andersen: vocals, guitars, bass, synthezeisers, Sigurd Haakaas: Drums, percussion, vocals Simon Oliver Økland: bass, vocals Karina Ljone: Lead vocals Guests: Bjarte Andreas Haugland: background vocals Hans Marius Andersen: Trumpet on «Nervous Laughter» and «(The World Covered In) Purple Shrouds» Sondre Haug: Background vocals on «Ctrl + Art + Delete» and «Gang Signs» Sturle Kvilekval: Monkeysounds on «Quitters Don’t Smoke» Dagger: Electronic dogflutes and subplots