Blood Command release new single ‘Purple Shrouds’

Blood Command has released their third and final single from their upcoming album 'Cult Drugs'!

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'Cult Drugs' is set for release april 28th and is already receiving great press: 9/10 - Metal Hammer "Probably the most fun album you'll hear all year" 9/10 - OxFanzine "Ein mächtiges Album, das den Willen der Band aufzeigt, weit nach oben zu kommen." 8/10 - Rock Sound "One of this world's best kept secrets" Cult Drugs explained In recent years, the band has binged on rave culture and charismatic cults like Heaven's Gate. Inspired by this and the increasing political manipulation taking place in both Europe and the US, the lyrics and the themes of Cult Drugs took form. Blood Command-mainman Yngve Andersen, who himself was part of a christian charismatic group in his youth, generally holds a positive view on non-mainstream religious groupings: “If it makes you happy and you don’t hurt anyone else, you can worship your cat as far as I’m concerned.” Andersen elaborates: The title Cult Drugs comes from the realization that we're all in some ways part of a cult that informs our way of being and our ways of thinking. We’re programmed to perceive ourselves as the good guys, no matter what side we're on. Most people live with a self-manipulation so extensive that it can compare to drug addiction. It is easy to put a stigma on religious outcasts, but it’s time to admit that every human, to some extent, live in denial. Stream the track here:

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Produced by: Yngve Andersen Mixed by: Dag Erik Nygaard Mastering: Dag Erik Nygaard Cover art: Trine+Kim Recorded at: Bergen lydstudio Recording engineer: Dag Erik Nygaard