Blood Command quotes and impressions

Reviews are starting to come in for Blood Command's new album Cult Drugs, and they are looking good!

International press:

Metal Hammer (9/10) "Probably the most fun album you'll hear all year"

Rush on Rock (10/10) "Blood Command don’t just survive, they thrive"

Dead Press (10/10) "‘Cult Drugs’ finds Blood Command firing on all cylinders."

Ox Magazine (9/10) "Ein mächtiges Album, das den Willen der Band aufzeigt, weit nach oben zu kommen."

Rock Sound (8/10) "One of this world's best kept secrets"

Upset (4/5) "Blood Command are bloody good fun"

Already Heard (5/5) "This is a band at their most confident, most creative and most innovative and it is an absolute joy to behold."

RAMzine  "catchy with brawling rhythms that will leave you exhausted"

The Punk Archive "This is one cult you shouldn’t be wary of joining"

Drop This " It definitely has us hooked within the first few chords"

Allschools (8/10)

Rhythm & Booze "one of the most inventive, exhilarating albums of the year"

Thinking Lyrically (9/10) "A band that has just refined itself to create something better than before"

Fortitude Magazine (8/10) "check this out; it’s perfect"

GetReadyToRock "I think its safe to say this album will be topping year end charts"



Norwegian press:

VG (5/6)

BT (6/6)

Dagbladet (5/6) "«Cult Drugs» er høyt og lavt og har noe nytt å komme med rundt hver sving"

Aftenposten (5/6) "Effektiv kraftutblåsning fra Blood Command"

Gaffa (5/6) "Albumet har ikke én dårlig låt"

Fædrelandsvennen (5/6)

Dagsavisen (5/6)

Musikknyheter (10/10)  "«All killer, no filler» har aldri vært mer passende å bruke for å beskrive et album."


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