BEGLOMEG - "Compac Dick Collection Eurokrjem & more!" is out today!

Today we at Fysisk Format is proud to announce that Beglomeg's "Compac Dick Collection Eurokrjem & more!" is out now! The release is to be seen as a «Eurokrjem» deluxe edition release. The collection consists of two unique albums: «Eurokrjem» (dick 1) and «Very Bæd! / Mr. Funny Guys» (dick 2 and 3). The release will be made available as a 3 CD digipack with a 16 page booklet.

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  «Lyder Fra Billetempelet» is an interview with the group (in Norwegian) done by journalist Ruben Gran. Apart from this there are remixes and remakes from the likes of: Bjørn Hatterud, born 1977, culture writer, art critic and curator. Plays so called noise music on the side. Collaborated on Conrad Schnitzler (RIP)´s final release. Pete Hurst, born 1965, sound engineer and music person. Has previously remixed Madonna Louise Ciccone Øyvind Morken, born 1979, beloved DJ, releases records on Prins Thomas label Full Pupp Anders Wasserfall, born 1984, Bremen based Norwegian producer and DJ Jan-Fredrik Bjerk, born 1984, AKA Jan Mayen, Norwegian artist and DJ Bjørnar Krogh, born 1975, one part of Norwegian production duo khat/hashish Martin Bjørnersen, born 1975, second part of khat/hashish Emile Aasen, born 1984, AKA Emile the Duke, Norwegian producer