Årabrot and Okkultokrati's legendary 2011 split sees digital release today

Here it is - almost 10 years since it's original physical release!

Back in 2011, Årabrot and Okkultokrati worked together on different levels, including doing this split, recorded by Stian Skagen (aka ConceptVirus) and mastered by Billy Anderson (Melvins, Neurosis, Sleep). For Okkultokrati, this recording was a step between their debut No Light For Mass and second album Snakereigns. In Årabrot's discography, the split marks a point between their gargantuan 2010-album REVENGE and Grammy-winning Solar Anus.

We wanted the split to be exclusively on vinyl, but now we figured it was time to do a full digital version of it. Hope you enjoy it!

Credits from the album artwork:
Recorded and mixed by Stian Skagen
Mastered by Billy Anderson
Artwork by Sebastian Rusten
Desgin by Black Qvisling

Okkultokrati is:
Erik Svarte - Guitars
Lars Dalen - Drums
Boris Leaf - Bass
Henning Yngel - Vocals/lyrics

Årabrot is:
Kjertil Nernes - Guitars/vocals
Vidar Evensen - Drums

Okkultokrati 2011 (Photo by Hans Nøstdahl?)
Okkultokrati 2011 (Photo by Sebastian Rusten)
Årabrot 2011 (photo: ?)
Årabrot 2011 (photo: ?)
From the Fysisk Format office 2011 (Photo: Jan Schwarzkamp)
From the Fysisk Format office 2011 (Photo: Jan Schwarzkamp)