All Out On You, new single from Duvel out now

They may be young, but they know a thing or two about the outer fringes of normality. Since the release of their 2018 debut "Attempts at Speech" they have included keys into the mix. This giving them an added layer of energy and drive, as well as draging their music more towards 90's britpop.

They kick of 2021 in the form of "All Out On You", the second single of their sophomore album. Vocalist Jack Holldorff elaborates on the single:

"So i woke up one morning, more or less covered in blood. It wasn’t mine, and i didn’t really remember who it belonged to. I was really really, really fucking scared. I made a couple of phone-calls and it was all sorted out. The lyrics sort of came to me after that incident. Lol! That sounded a lot darker than i thought it would.
The other guy was fine. We apologized and everything. Forget about it!

Anyway, i think the song really stands out. I mean, it’s so catchy it’s stupid. Listen to it. We made a pop-record and it’s fierce as fuck! Enjoy"

Duvel is Jack Holldorff, Brage Lindebrekke, Kaspar Nikolaisen Hegre and Zacharias Flaathe.

Duvel by: Emil Vestre (Hi-res)