New single from Hilma Nikolaisen - All In (into the outset)

In her own words: "All in is a bold yes-to-life song. A life-affirming postlude - or a kind of summary of the album that welcomes the whole spectrum of life's stuff. Highs, lows, hugs and debris. Everything must be included! All in." Photo by: Julia Naglestad

The third and final single of Hilma Nikolaisen's upcoming album "Heritage" out on vinyl february 12th. PRE-ORDER

Heritage is a seamless celebration of the Album Format, with nine tracks that each shine in their own uniqueness, but which also complement each other in a well-thought-out whole. While most of the songs on the album deal with memory, past and future, often with a nostalgic touch, the last track «All In (Into the Outset)» is a life-affirming embrace of what is to come, of what the future holds. It both expands the soundscape of Heritage and circles back to previous highlights with its mesmerizing choruses and effective repetitions, interspersed with wonderfully nonchalant whistling and confidently playful electric guitar licks.

Heritage is written, instrumented, arranged, and produced by Hilma Nikolaisen, and mixed by, among others, Mattias Glavå (Dungen, Håkan Hellström), John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake), Emil Nikolaisen, Jay Andrews and Matias Tellez.