2012 Year End List: Espen of KILLL

2012 will be remembered as the year KILLL called it quits. But they went out in a blaze of epileptic glory with their final concerts and the live LP (Available from Tigernet) KILLL's guitar god Espen Hangård reveals his 2012 lists:

Records: Photodementia - Fig. 03 Steinvord - Steinvord EP Old Man Gloom - NO Drexciya - Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II Chromatics - Kill for Love Mr76ix - Experiment Four Nidingr - Greatest of Deceivers Anstam - Stones and Wood Rolando Simmons - Vol. 1-3 Soundgarden - King Animal Concerts: Virus at Last Train 26/1 Le Corbeau at Blå 19/4 Lee Ranaldo at Blå 12/6 + 13/6 Saint Vitus at Blå 17/7 Deathprod at Henie Onstad 28/10 Diskord & Execration at Revolver 8/12 Various: The scottish countryside Parcell gardening Judge Dredd on the cinema Lofoten