Bilde av bandet
The prime flower in Bergen's hardcore garden. It all started out in the winter of 2010. After meeting on numerous occations, usually involving house parties or gigs in and around Bergen, Torjus Raknes and Karl Johan Johannesen got together and started discussing music. Torjus, being a former member of punk act ‘Utflod’, suggested the idea of forming a punk/hardcore band, as a response to the lack of precence of the genre in Bergen. Karl Johan, previously playing bass in ‘Brostein’, was joined by former band member Simon Skøien, as well as their fellow friend Hallgrim Asperheim. Torjus also got his childhood best friend, Rohan Håland to join in as guitar player. By the end of the first rehearsal, they already had a handful of songs on their way. Having only played together for a couple of weeks, the band quickly started playing concerts at selected venues, to a gradually bigger audience. By public demand, the band felt the necessity to record some of their material. Fysisk Format released their first EP "We are the lords of hellfire,  And We Give You... Fire" in 2012.