New World Vulture

Bilde av bandet

New World Vulture is artist and performer Kyrre Bjørkås' brand new group. Educated at The Academy of Fine arts in Oslo, Bjørkås has worked internationally with sound, video and installation art for galleries, theatres and venues since 2004. He has previously been involved in several art collectives, as par ex Det är Jag som är döden, Bogus Blimp and Transiteatret-Bergen.

His first single, premiered by Nothing But Hope and Passion January 26th 2015, is produced by 120 Days' Ådne Meisfjord and will be the A-side of an upcoming 7" on Fysisk Format.

NWV is a kind of spiritual grinder. You throw in some automated beats and some modern relations. Some brutish bass lines and a twang-guitar. Some David Foster Wallace, some military drones and a bedroom in Ramallah. You grind it and you hammer and punch it, and out comes this kind of kitchen psychedelia, all packed with love and despair: Aggressively electronic, passionate and very well dressed in war-paint.