Bilde av bandet
A LOUD, VIOLENT NOISE-ROCK TRIO New album "3" out now on Fysisk Format October 13th 2014 MoE released their new album,3. Existing since 2008, MoE has released numerous 7"s and 12"s as well as two albums, before Fysisk Format(Okkultokrati, Haust) got the chance to release this LP. Composed of Guro Skumsnes Moe (Bass, vocals) Joakim Heibø Johansen (Drums) and Håvard Skaset (Guitar) the group members draw inspiration from a wide musical language. In MoE, the trio invoke both “free” and brutal sounds that contain elements of minimalism and experimental composition as well as the primal energy of punk. The result is a highly charged and viscid sound that imbues sludge, noise rock and drone. Many influence have been pointed by listeners, and descriptions is sometimes almost contradictory; "MoE is like Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid meets Napalm Death dressed up like very early Swans. " Due to their rather clean academic middle class look, MoE has mistakenly been taken to be actors from "Little House on the Prairie", rather than extreme noise rockers. This shows some of MoEs duality and why some listeners get caught in an ambush from this hard hitting non posing band. Though entirely unconcerned with accessibility in their music, MoE has still drawn a global fan base of like-minded listeners. The group has toured constantly over the years hitting such locales as Mexico, Japan, Europe and South East Asia on several occasions. Of the experience through touring Guro says “3 is strongly influenced musically and lyrically by our extensive touring. As the cover art clearly shows, Mexico in particular made an impact on the new album. Showing three mummies from the great museum of mummies in Guanajuato." Some bands that MoE has shared stages with include Boris(Jp), Melt Banana(Jp) Rabbits(US), Årabrot(No)Noxagt(No), Gerda(It), The Observatory(Sin) Bleeched(US), Body/Head (featuring Kim Gordon)(US) and Okkyung Lee (Kor). MoE discography: Lies 7", 2009 It Pictures LP, 2011 Left to swallow one sided 12", 2012 MoE/The Observatory split 12", 2013 David Yow 7", 2013 Oslo Janus CD, 2013 3 CD, LP, MC, 2014