Kyrre Bjørkås

Bilde av bandet
(Hi-res picture here. Picture by Esra Rotthoff) Stream the single 'Bullets' here:

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The Big Blot is raunchy and tender, as if Lemmy found a child on his doorstep, lifted it gently up and breast-fed it. Or: Imagine Leonard Cohen hooking up with Coil to start a prototypical version of Animal Collective. Kyrre Bjørkås has been making music and art the past 20 years in projects like Bogus Blimp (On Ulver's Jester Records) and DU/Det Är Jag Som Är Döden. Kyrre Bjørkås was formerly known as New World Vulture. This is the beginning of a new era. Collaborators on the album include Sandra Kolstad, Ådne Meisfjord (120 days), Juhani Silvola and Eivind Henjum. Cover photo by Esra Rotthoff. The Big Blot album tracklist:
  1. Oh Europe
  2. Bullets
  3. Pause nr 1
  4. How to X
  5. The big blot
  6. Long things swinging
  7. Drill a hole
  8. Like an ant
  9. Pause Nr 2
  10. The modern hoax
  11. Shades of prey