Kosmik Boogie Tribe

Bilde av bandet
KBT's second album SUCK MORE PISS, is a true rocknroll punk masterpiece. Scheduled for release on Fysisk format out January 15th Preorder now to get the limited special version with bonus CD and hot sauce KBT (Kosmik Boogie Tribe) is a five piece rock and roll group based in Oslo, Norway. Each member originally hails from different rural parts of Norway but have been living in the capital for ages and have all been part of different aspects of the Oslo rock underground as bartenders, sound engineers, band hosts, booking agents and the lot for years and years at various clubs and venues. They literally live and breathe rock'n'roll. The members also contribute in different ways with recording artists such as The Good The Bad And The Zugly, Lonely Kamel, Backstreet Girls, The Mormones, Cockroach Clan and others. KBT has shared stage with The Dictators, Cosmic Psychos, Reigning Sound and Jason & The Schorchers to name a few. They all loved KBT's hard-rocking-never-stopping sound and it's about time you do too!