Knuste Ruter

Bilde av bandet
High-speed hardcore punk, but add bluesy solos and deadly riffs. Knuste Ruter (Broken Windows) plays hardcore punk in the same style that arose in the 80s around the infamous Blitz self governed youth house in Oslo, with highly regarded bands like Bannlyst, So Much Hate, Life... but how to live it? and Kafka Prosess. The band still manage to keep their own sound and identity, and they're not afraid to explore different musical areas, as the essence in the Norwegian hardcore tradition has been to mix different inspirations and elements into the genre. Everything from Jimi Hendrix-influences to The Ruts can be heard in the music - even a few bluesy guitar solos appear from time to time. The lyrics is about personal experiences with the society they live in. It's sincere, and it's in Norwegian. Band members have also played in other Oslo bands like Hevn, 2:20, Jin`Rik`Sha, Bøyen Beng and Stengte Dører. Discography: Bruddstykker LP/CD 2013 Gjennom veggene LP/CD 2010 Var det bare en løgn 7" 2008