Jagged Vision

Bilde av bandet
Hi-res picture by Jørn Veberg here   Since the very beginning Jagged Vision has been a force to be reckoned with in the Norwegian underground scene. Through vigorous touring and sharing stages with bands like Kylesa, Black Tusk, Orange Goblin, High on Fire, Kvelertak and many more, Jagged Vision has built a reputation of being an intense live experience. The band released their debut through Kylesa-run Retro Futurist Records to international acclaim in 2014 following a 30 date tour throughout Europe with Kylesa. The Sludgelord said "Jagged Vision up the ante with more bone-crunching riffs played at full force that will leave you breathless through out.”. “Death Is This World” sees Jagged Vision evolving their roots in Hardcore and Stoner Metal into an intense machinery of heavy riffing. The album consists of 10 songs filled with blistering Hardcore Metal, sure to to wake even the most lethargic listener. Working with producer Phillip Cope (who’s first amendement was that they recorded everything in the highest bpm they could handle) takes Jagged Vision into a faster and more brutal landscape. There is no compromise, no genre limitations and no rules. “Death Is This World” is a product of raw heavy emotion. Unlike their debut album, “Harvest Earth” (2014), where vocalist Ole Urke Wik wrote all the tracks, “Death Is This World” is more of a collaborative effort in terms of songwriting. Following the departure of guitarist Daniel Vier and bassist Kato Austrått, Jagged recruited fresh blood to join the ranks of metal excellence - enter guitar prodigy Tommy Jacobsen and axe-man Morten Transeth, whom both help fan the flames of rage necessary for pleasing the metal hordes of the world. Jagged Vision’s misanthropic agenda is deep set in the failing of man’s interpersonal relations. As the very earth that has been tread upon for thousands of years starts to crumble beneath the feet of its self-appointed master. “Every man for himself” seems to have become the universal law. As technology and culture evolves ever faster, man seems to regress to become more primitive and self-absorbed. Fueled by this, Jagged Vision come off as a rude awakening. spewing venom and pulling off the meanest riffs imaginable.