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Fysisk Format is proud to present the debut album of IEatHeartAttacks: Please Just Dance Death, a short, intense and electrifying punk album designed to awaken and refresh the lost souls of modern society.

IEatHeartAttacks was started by brothers Jompi and Noppers under the looming Dovre mountains, in the secluded norwegian valley of Gudbrandsdalen. In this focal point of old norse mythology and culture, the local folk music is well known for its disharmonic intensity and devilish harmonics. As the music reaches its peak, local folklore has it that a little limp-footed fellow can be seen grinning - a sign that something is about to go disasterously wrong…

The debut album of IEatHeartAttacks follow many years of rehearsal and experimentation, resulting in a raw, yet defined sound. Though IEatHeartAttacks has their name from a Blood Brothers song, Jompi and Nopper’s youth was shaped by the norwegian hardcore scene of the 00s, with bands like JR Ewing, Snöras, Kaospilot and The Spectacle making lasting impressions. Enforced by master bass player Erik, Ieatheartattacks has added a melodic nerve and sophisticated detail to their early wild years. The songwriting follows the classic punk ethos of less is more: When the message is delivered, the song is over. There is a unique flow in the IEatHeartAttacks songs, with blending harmonies and disharmonies whipped up by scorching waveish beats and catchy breaks.

Please Just Dance Death is not the kind of album you listen to while taking a relaxing bath. It is not an album that will keep you on track and focused at work. Please Just Dance Death is a conscentrated delivery of pure chaos and wild unleashed power. This album is your soundtrack for running naked through the norwegian woods at night, howling at the moon.

With this album, Ieatheartattacks offer year 2016 the ingredients that makes punk great: Intensity and passion, sharp political edge and a fine-tuned sense of effective songwriting. When the needle approaches the inner circles on your vinyl, make sure to take an extra look over you shoulder. You might have a limp-footed visitor grinning behind your back.

IEatHeartAttacks is:

Jompi Myren /

Noppers Myren /

Erik Fossmo /



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