From Scratch

Bilde av bandet

When guitarist Susanna Sørensen, bassist Alma Lyngstad and drummer Hedda Rungstad went together to high school in Oslo, they found out that they wanted to start a band. In the spirit of the 21st century, they found the three-year-younger keyboardist Ada Rummelhoff on Instagram, and thus the lineup of the band From Scratch was complete.

From Scratch originates from the rehearsal rooms of AKKS, which works for equality and better gender balance in the Norwegian music scene. There they started in 2015, "from scratch", and the four young women learned to play instruments and gradually developed their distinctive take on indie rock with zero respect, or interest so to say, for rules and boxes for how things should be arranged and sound.

When the girls started a band, they wanted to prove that a band consisting of only girls could be as good as an "all boys band", and now in 2022 it can be said to be proven, both by them, but also a sea of ​​other examples of women rocking their instruments. They are thus part of the bubbling, ever-growing new tidal wave of female instrumentalists and bands on the Norwegian music scene.

So far, From Scratch has released an EP and five singles that have received attention from P3 and led to gigs at a number of well-known Norwegian festivals such as Øyafestivalen, Trænafestivalen, Vill Vill Vest and by: larm, in addition to playing a dozen concerts in Oslo. Now the band is in the process of making as much music as possible, and will continuously record and release more songs.

Check out their first song released with us in Fysisk Format: