Delvoid swarmlife

Delvoid Swarmlife

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Delvoid swarmlife
1. Techtree
2. Urras
3. Out Of Labour
4. Collapsist
5. Third Body
6. The Master's House

Delvoid has released two albums and an EP since 2011, and now they're back with their third full length album, Swarmlife. More song based than their previous endevours, Swarmlife consists of the best from the last five years of jamming around with songs, and then spending two years pulling them apart and putting them back together.

While Serene (2015) was a leviathan of an album, with layers of synths, strings and dubbed guitars, Swarmlife showcases the band's four core members at their best. It's more band and less orchestra, but still everything we've come to expect from Delvoid. The band has composed, produced and recorded the album themselves, before handing the reigns to Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna), who also mixed Serene.

Vocalist Alex says: «The lyrics of Swarmlife take the form of introspective storytelling. Thematically, the album works with the tension between individualism and collectivism. Attempts are made to trace thoughts and emotions backwards beyond the self to their ideological origins. As the lines between ideology and psychology are blurred, a ruthless, virus-like longing for fellowship is unearthed. This longing, in a sense, explains the anger and melancholy with which the lyrics are imparted.»

For fans of: Tool, Sigur Rós, Incubus