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The Gluts Estasi

Vinyl FC65V12
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1. Colline Bianche
2. Controller
3. That's Me
4. Squirrel
5. I Realize That I Am Not So Dumb
6. Usiku Mweva
7. Come To Fire
8. Ponytail
9. Ash
10. Richard
11. Home

Despite leaning further on the noise-rock/psych side of things, The Gluts have always had a DIY punk ethos at their heart – most evident in their primitive energy, both on record and live. Since the release of their debut in 2014 the band have playing extensively across Italy, including a couple of shows with NY psych legends White Hills. With the release of LP2 - their first on Fuzz Club - it’s clear The Gluts are undeniable set to blow away fuzz-heads far and wide with an album this good and incessantly noisy.