Lovesplash melting metal bodies

Lovesplash Melting Metal Bodies

Katalognr. LS 001
EAN 8785260877570
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Lovesplash melting metal bodies
A1. Ambiguous Utterance of Prophecy
A2. Handdara
A3. Glass Aeroplanes
B1. Melting Metal Bodies
B2. Lovesplash/The Final Curtain

Lovesplash is the electronic-music moniker of producer Ingvald Vassbø (JUNO, Kanaan). “His debut album «Melting Metal Bodies» will be released on the 13th of October 2023.

The tracks feature airy synthesizers and deconstructed samples laced in emotion - glossy futurist sci-fi landscapes and surreal, ethereal sounds are painted up sonically on the EP. Heavenly Ballardian. The music is experimental, abstract and cinematic, but also accessible.

«Melting Metal Bodies» draws inspiration heavily from contemporary electronic music radicals. James Ferraro's unpredictable arpeggios and programmed bedroom symphonies, Oneohtrix Point Never’s cutting edge ambient and soundtrack contributions and Laurie Spiegel’s organic synthesizer minimalism has inspired the music on the album