RÜ La Petite Princesse

La Petite Princesse

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RÜ La Petite Princesse LP og TOTE hvit bakgrunn
1. Battery Low
2. Clone Wars feat. MonoNeon
3. SupaSTAR
4. Push&Pull
5. ZENsations
6. DOMe

2. A Feminist March
3. Mi Amore
4. TNT
5. AURELiAN iN Time

RÜ, a 21-year-old alternative queer R&B songwriter and artist from Sveio on the west coast of Norway, is known for her edgy and mysterious sound influenced by old jazz, new age R&B, and hip-hop. She’s been working on her debut album “La Petite Princesse” since September 2022 and is now ready to release it on Friday 20th October. Her debut project is a groovy wave of catchy hooks and dark but radiant melodies. It addresses societal problems and insecurities and promotes self-acceptance and appreciation for diversity. RÜ hopes that her music will inspire others to appreciate what holds value in life and not to pretend to satisfy the masses.