Blood Command World Domination

Blood Command World Domination

LTD LP Black/Green Splatter
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LTD LP Neon Violet
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Blood Command World Domination Blood Command World Domination CD mockup HOFF430 CDA Blood Command World Domination LP green splatter HOFF430 LP cr Blood Command World Domination LP purple HOFF430 LPA
1. The Band With Three Stripes
2. Heaven's Hate
3. Valley Of Hinnom
4. Forever Soldiers Of Esther 02:31
5. Stay Awake
6. Bare Witness
7. The Plague On Both Your Houses 03:58
8. ...In The Shadow Of Deaf
9. Welcome To The Next Level Above Human
10. It's Not Us, Its Them
11. Hate Us Cause They Ain't Us
12. Keep My Seat Warm
13. Burn Again
14. Decades 03:12
15. Reap What You Sow
16. Blue North
17. Holy Unblack
18. World Domination 03:51
19. Losing Faith 03:12
20. Tetragram

Blood Command return with their new album 'World Domination', released September 29th.

Whilst early singles have cradled audiences with their ethereal death pop sound, make no mistake, the album "World Domination" is 20 rapid bursts of every side the band has to offer. Infectious grooves, blast beats, singer Nikki Brumen’s powerful screams and riot grrrl chanting, techno interludes and that delicate side which lulls you into a false sense of security before ripping into the listener once more.

The record dives into unrequited love, the hatred of the unjust, the power of faith and the darkness of the abyss and never giving up on trying to climb out of it.

Mixed and mastered by Simon Jackman December 2022

Produced by Yngve Andersen
Music written by Yngve Andersen
Lyrics written by Yngve Andersen and Nikki Brumen
Artwork by Robert Høyem