Bender Buddies Album Cover Backpack Records

Axecity Bender Buddies

Katalognr. BPR023
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Bender Buddies Album Cover Backpack Records
1. Willkommen
2. Catch Road Runner
3. Hell's Angel
4. King of Neukølln
5. The Jazz Man
6. Green House
7. Prof. Junkie
8.Spirit Quake
9. Kong Harald The Hobo
10. Wildpark

“Bender Buddies” is a story of friendship when you don’t have anything else to offer then yourself. The ticket might not be expensive to watch the show, just know that it will drag you through the underground and you might lose your senses along the way. Equipt with an iPhone, a bag of clothes and a Fender Stratocaster with humbucker pickups: Jørgen Øksby buys a one way ticket out of Oslo and into the unknown. Meeting bugs, slugs, kings, hobos and underground legends around the world writes the adventure of a lifetime. Axecity offers a high energy record with pit stops along the way that gives you time to listen, think and create your own visual landscape only with the help of sound. A trainride that builds up momentum for each song you arrive at. But at the end you stop and wonder if your trip was worth the energy, time and wasted money just for a memory no one will ask about. I guess it is all about being in the moment for each situation you experience and the friendships you make along the way. As long as you have fun during your trip it can be looked as a mission accomplished!