Munch tree

Munch Tree

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Munch tree

Ivar Mykland - (Lyrics) vocal and electrical pipes

Alf Solbakken - Guitar

Rune Bergstø - Bass guitar and backing vocals

Rich Nordskog - Drums and sampler

Lars Årdal - Keys, synths and sampler

Recorded at T23 studio, Kristiansand, Norway, 1986-91

All mixed and produced by Lars Årdal with help from Harald Hempel, Jan Bang and Erik Honorė

Munch Studio equipment:

Emax. Aiwa HHB 1 DAT Recorder for sampling. Korg ms 20. Korg Polysix. Simmons SDS7 & SDS8. Akai s900. Tama snare. Hagstrom Swede (Red). Rat. Washburn b15 active. AKG 414. Alesis Quadraverb. Yamaha rev7. Drawmer Compressor. Akai multitrack MG 1214. Sony PCM-701 ES Adapter. Kef 105.2

Remastered by Lars Årdal at Riksteatret Studio, Oslo

Izotope Rx. Logic Pro. Shadow Hills from Brainworx. Elysia from Brainworx. Heritage Audio R.A.M. System 5000. Dynaudio Lyd4

Cover design & artwork by Alf Solbakken

Originally released by Munch on CD 1991, T23008

Pressed by T-Time Vinyl Plant, Stavanger, Norway

Side: A
01. Elegy (3:34)
02. Car (5:10)
03. Guilt (4:26)

Side: B:
04. Addicted (4:39)
05. Numb (3:54)
06. Strangle (4:40)

Side C:
07. ? (1:35)
08. Red Star (5:44)
09. ! (0:20)
10. Chaingang (5:52)
11. ... (0:35)

Side D:
12. Black Star (20:22)

MUNCH. The band, not the artist...

Norwegian cult band MUNCH was formed in Kristiansand in late 1986 by Ivar Mykland, Rich Nordskog, Alf Solbakken and Lars Årdal, with Rune Bergstø joining a few months later. They released the albums Munch (1987, remix 1988), Excessive Mobility (1990) and Tree (1991) plus some obscure tapes while active. Their final show in Oslo in 1991 was released as Live the year after, followed by the double cassette compilation Moments Of Movement.

MUNCH's magnum opus, TREE, originally available on CD only, is finally reissued as a double LP, with newly remastered sound pressed on blue and red 180 gram vinyl. Comes in gatefold sleeve with updated artwork and full credits. Co-released by T23, Etch Wear and Hærverk Industrier in a limited edition of 300 copies.