Lady friend songs from the guesthouse

Lady Friend Songs From The Guesthouse

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Lady friend songs from the guesthouse

All songs written by Anne Mette Hårdnes

Lady Friend: Anne Mette Hårdnes, Christer Engen, Mats Engen, Magnus Jacobsen

Produced by Christer Engen, Anne Mette Hårdnes, Mats Engen and Anders Møller

Recorded at Subsonic Society with Anders Møller as recording engineer

Mixed by Anders Møller, except “Friendship On Paper” mixed by Henning Solvang and Peter Olofsson

Mastered by George Tanderø

Cover art by Dag Eirik Clausen

1. My Movie
2. Friendship On Paper
3. She's The Girl (She's A Lady)
4. The Story
5. Get Down
6. Searching For Something
7. Memories Of
8. Unspeakable Truth

Lady Friend was initially Anne Mette Hårdnes’ (Sweetheart, I&I, Label) solo project, and was started during a stay in Los Angeles. In a house in Echo Park, overlooking the city and listening to Dennis Wilson, David Crosby, Carole King and Airplay, she found her inspiration. The first melodies of the album were written there on a beautiful Steinway piano.

Back in Oslo, Hårdnes continued to write more songs, and in the late summer of 2021 it was time to record them. She joined forces with the Engen-brothers, Christer (formerly

Turbonegro, Bigbang, Euroboys) and Mats (formerly Euroboys) on drums and bass respectively, and Magnus Jacobsen (Label) on guitar. The chemistry between them was immediate, and the solo project soon became a band. The choice of technician and studio fell naturally to Anders Møller in Subsonic Society, who over several years has worked closely with the members of Lady Friend on their other projects.

“Songs From The Guesthouse” consists of eight songs, all written by Anne Mette Hårdnes, each of which has a clear distinctive character. At the same time, one finds a clear common thread in the form of Hårdnes’ driving piano, the steady and melodic rhythm section of the Engen brothers and the goosebump-inducing harmonies and gorgeous guitar details from Jacobsen.

The album also features a number of guest contributors handpicked from the top shelf, among others: signature seagull cries and wah wah guitar by Knut Schreiner on “The Story”, furious guitar licks from Øystein Greni on “Get Down” and beautiful high strung guitar performed by Torgeir Waldemar in collaboration with Stian Jørgen Sveen on pedal steel guitar on “Searching For Something”. The result is a large and spacious soundscape that is at the same time rich in detail, and which highlights Hårdnes’ close and personal lyrics. The album is produced by Engen/Hårdnes/Engen and Anders Møller.