Insomniac Bears newfound sprawl FY173

Insomniac Bears Newfound Sprawl

Katalognr. FY173
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Insomniac Bears newfound sprawl FY173


Insomniac Bears:
Marius Ergo: Bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizers, vocals
Magnus Gommerud Nielsen: Synthesizers, violins, bass, electric guitars, vocals
Marius Drogsås Hagen: Electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizers, vocals
Axel Skalstad: Drums, percussion, synthesizers, saw, vocals
Thomas Bratlie Haugland: Vocals & percussion

Gunhild Ramsay Kovacs: Vocals on "Come up close"
Karl Hjalmar Nyberg: Saxophone on "Paper Crown"

Written, arranged and performed by Insomniac Bears
Produced and recorded at Ørevox by Marius Ergo
Drums recorded at Taakeheimen by Morten Øby
Additional recordings at Artilleriverkstedet lydstudio in Horten and Gymmen studios in Nordfjordeid

Mixed and mastered by Javed Kurd

"Break up the shapes" mixed by Nick Terry

Cover artwork by Tomas Del Balso
Design and art direction by Fredrik Melby
Photos by Anne Valeur

1. See You In Court
2. Come Up Close
3. 1997
4. Paper Crown
5. Shaky Ladders
6. JS Antibach
7. Mammoth
8. Break Up The Shapes
9. Burning
10. Haywire Heart
11. Homecoming