Black vans cover

Alex Smith, James Dillenbeck Black Vans #1

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Black vans cover
BLACK VANS is the first release on Afterverse, an imprint designed to push the aesthetic limits of comics through representation, empowerment and world-changing/forging ideas.

Bo is a plus-size, queer Afro-Latino twenty-something in Phuture Philly; he's an EQ, a hacker who, along with his friends, provide intell, comms, and surveillance for super-heroes. Usually hiding out in black vans in dark alleys, these EQs are not ones for the fight, until all the supers started disappearing! It's up to Bo and company to find out why and save the day!

32 pages, full color

Written and Created by: Alex Smith (@theyarebirds on insta)
Drawn, inked and colored by: James Dillenbeck (@Jamesdillenbeck on insta)
Letters and lay-out by: Steven Arnold (@heelonthepress on insta)