Kanaan live in oslo

Live In Oslo

Katalognr. HÆ006
EAN 7041889511891
Høyoppløste bilder:
Kanaan live in oslo
Side A:
1. Roll Beyond
2. Harmonia
3. Windborne

Side B:
1. Öresund
2. Slow Burn

Kanaan is a young Norwegian power trio, playing their signature blazing freeform psychedelia, drawing inspiration from krautrock and pre-fusion jazz rock. They have released the studio albums Windborne (2018), Odense Sessions and Double Sun (both 2020) on Danish quality label El Paraiso Records.

The new album Live In Oslo is a mix of highlights from performances recorded at Kafé Hærverk, Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria and Kulturhuset. It is pressed on 180 gram vinyl, 100 copies on white and 200 copies on black, housed in a printed sleeve and black polylined inner sleeve