Drittmaskin Svartpönk

Drittmaskin Svartpønk

LP - Red w/ Black Splatter
Katalognr. FPP069RED
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LP - Lime Green w/ Black Splatter
Katalognr. FPP069GREEN
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Høyoppløste bilder:
Drittmaskin Svartpönk Drittmaskin vinyl bilde
1. Al-Namrood 2:47
2. Ni barn blir födt 2:01
3. Mors nydelige rose 2:50
4. Glattcelle 2:49
5. Naar dei kjem for aa ta meg 3:21
6. La dei dö! 2:23
7. Brune auge 4:32
Total - 20:43

1. Krig 5:17
2. Rottekrig 6:07
3. Takk, Recovery 3:16
4. Lími 6:44
Total - 21:24

The album SVARTPØNK is an advancement of what DRITTMASKIN started on their first album, ‘Sosial Prolaps’: the head-on clash between old-school thrash and death, crust and d-beat punk, and Norwegian first and second wave black metal. The result is 12 tracks of intense rage, a madman’s poetry spanning the width of everything true in metal and punk.

The process - lead by the bands’ guitarist, Avstralopithecvs - took place in their studio on the docks in Bergen, Norway where they wrote and recorded the entire record from May to December 2019.

Crashing through topics such as media criticism, plague, geriatric orgy fantasies, eating your colleagues, suicide, binge-drinking, preferences in tobacco, urine-drinking, and antitheism, the bands’ necro-screaming leader - Grindadrap - once again does his utmost to feverishly deliver a fresh language with their clear Drittmaskin signature.

The album also introduces their new drummer, Kvit Fosfor, which enables the band to display more clearly the bands’ ability to further the legacy of bands such as early Sepultura, the Exploited, Poison Idea, Taake, Aura Noir, Sadus, early Death, Germbomb, Midnight, Spy, Immortal and Darkthrone.