FLTY BRGR GRL Love You Forever

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1. Crazy
2. Slowdance
3. Duet
4. Her
5. Sweet Boy
6. Sometimes
7. Cool
8. Be My Boy
9. No More

Inspired by 60s vibes, crushes and burgers, Beatrix and Sarah make up FLTY BRGR GRL – a quirky Oslo based duo here to bring you cute garage pop songs about unrequited love or simply loving too much.

FLTY BRGR GRL has released three singles, and have received praise from multiple music blogs and magazines, amongst them Clash Magazine. This year the duo is releasing their debut album entitled “Love You Forever”, produced by Richard Lorentz Johansen at Das Kirurg in Oslo.

The album features songs that have their own unique landscape. Beatrix and Sarah love making tunes that capture the obsessional part and the craziness of falling in love: "We might all be different, but everyone turns a little cuckoo when we start catching feelings for others."

Love You Forever is out on September 24th.