D. Vassalotti Book Of Ghosts

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Debut solo album from the mastermind behind Merchandise, (), Cult Ritual and numerous other projects. Word on the street has been extremely positive on this one, and indeed it is a powerful statement. You can definitely tell the same mind and voice are behind Merchandise as this project, as there's a similar fascination with 80s UK indie and shoegaze, but this largely moves away from the super-saturated guitars of Merchandise in favor of a more dynamic sound. This can still sound HUGE in places, but those massive passage contrast beautifully with softer and gentler bits. Haters will call this indie rock, but it's still clearly coming from a punk rock place, and the music is uniformly phenomenal. If you're into newer noisy pop like Merchandise, Neon Blud, or Shoppers you absolutely NEED this one... a truly landmark album.