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Jinchuuriki Kyuubi

Katalognr. NKM005LP
EAN 7090040250094
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1. Chau Gongs
2. Ame Hinode
3. Tabla
4. Binary Waltz
5. Hulusheng
6. Zeppelin
7. Hulusheng II
8. Voksesmerter
9. Tutup
10. Liv Der Nede
11. Pandora
12. Dawn Of Man
13. Gleden Over Å Være I Sitt Rette Element
14. Entropi
15. Mere Voksesmerter
16. 101
17. Binary Beats
18. Inverted Swell
19. Å Ligne På Andre Ting
20. Sitarino

This album is a free exploration of sound within the boundaries of two violins and the musicians playing them. Close interplay and together-ness permeates the 36 minutes of eclectic but cohesive music, ranging in expression from reductionist and sparse textures, to filmscore-like tonal landscapes with clear dramatic outlines. The record reflects both the duo's dionysic and apollinian sides, and the balance between the two creates something universal which the listener can relate to.