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Taxgorkhan Plateau

Katalognr. OGM001
EAN 7041889505555
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1. J. Hannevold International Presents: Taxgorkhan – Plateau
2. Fjærhuset
3. Demring
4. Retour a Palais de l’Espirit
5. Plateau
6. Skumring

This LP presents the first recordings of the esoteric Norwegian one-man band Taxgorkhan.

Plateau is an instrumental musical travelogue that blends experimental prog, psych and electronic rock in equal measures.

The music of Taxgorkhan flows from a place of pure, wide-eyed wonder, absorbing streams of expression, contemporary and ancient, synthesising new forms for the post-everything age by fusing plastic with wood, voices with waveforms, hand claps with mouse clicks.

Taxgorkhan is the brainchild of composer, producer and musician J. Hannevold, who describes Plateau as:

A simple story about travel, perhaps only for the sake of travel, Plateau tells of sights and dangers on the road.

File under: Electronic Psych / New Age / Ambient / Experimental Rock