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Bison One Thousand Needles

Katalognr. PEL103-V
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1. One Thousand Needles
2. Calm Friendly And Euthymic

Vancouver' BISON, formerly known as BISON B.C. made a devastating return this year with „You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient“, a thundering opus of epic filth and splendor.

The album became „album of the month“ at VISIONS MAGAZINE, amongst much other critical acclaim.

Right in time for their European headline tour around ROADBURN, DESERTFEST and DOOM OVER LEIPZIG FESTIVAL, we are re-issueing the band's previous EP „One Thousand Needles“, originally selfreleased by the band in 2014.

After 2012's Lovelessness, the four-piece's last album for Metal Blade Records, the band was joined by Shane Clark on bass, former lead guitarist of 3 INCHES OF BLOOD. „One Thousand Needles“ is 2 heavy tracks that both exceed the 9-minutes mark, driven by relentlessly heavy riffs, bluesy guitar solos, organic tempo changes and angry vocals... raw and real.