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Knut Wiggen Electronic Works 1972-1975

Katalognr. OGM005
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4. Massa
5. EMS för sig själv

This LP marks the release of Norwegian composer Knut Wiggen’s electronic music produced in the legendary EMS studio in Stockholm between 1972-1975.

As a pioneer of computer music in Scandinavia, Knut Wiggen (1927-2016) was hugely important in reshaping the Swedish music community from 1959, when he became chairman of Fylkingen Concert Society and transformed it into an avant-garde orientated arranger of concerts and events. In 1964 he became founding director of the Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm which under his leadership became one of Europes most important studios.

During his time at the EMS he created the revolutionary composition software MusicBox. With this tool he made five compositions at EMS which were written over the course of three years: Sommarmorgon (1972), Etyd (1972), Resa (1972), Massa (1974) and EMS för sig själv (1975). These works were originally composed as multi-channel pieces as its was Wiggen’s preferred format. This LP presents new stereo-mixes that has been done with the utmost care to to preserve Wiggen’s artistic intentions and comes with new liner notes written by Jøran Rudi.

OGM Records is proud to present this important rediscovery in the canon of Scandinavian electronic music.

File under: Electronic / Experimental / Avant-garde