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Katalognr. OHI10LP
EAN 7041880997533
Høyoppløste bilder:
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1. Isbre
2. Elgkalv
3. Puslespill
4. Bakeren
5. Midtpunkt
6. Misforstå
7. God Natts Søvn
8. Falken Part 1
9. Falken Part 2

The demand for Kongle’s blissful blend of modern pop and psych rock is steadily escalating. The Bergen, Norway based band, has been playing for several years now and now their first album is near. The four-piece sprinkles several genre references all over the place and has been compared to Swedish Dungen, but with their own distinct identity.

With references such as 60’s pop-music, smaller doses of LSD, Kongle quickly reached an audience. Their songs are characterised by dreamy melody lines, progressive rhythms and Norwegian lyrics that create a romantic but at the same time ambiguous universe. The result can be compared to previously mentioned Dungen and also Camel.

Throughout 2018 the quartet were locked up in the studio to prepare their debut album, and Skogen (The Forest), the finished article, is just around the corner. The result is a psychedelic pop-album, that will take you up, up and away, into the cosmos and back.